Starfish Wreath
March 2016
A beach house deserves a fun, beachy front wreath, right?
But even if you just dream about living near the beach, summer also demands
a fun, festive way to celebrate the season.
Enter, the Starfish Wreath.

Step 1
This is what I started with.
A plain fern wreath.
When I put it on the front door, it seemed to just disappear.
So I added some light paint to brighten it up.

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Art Projects
March 2016

plain fern wreath

I purchased some green chalk paint and just brushed over the leaves with green and put some off white  and blue on the brown twigs in back.

plain fern wreath

Close up of ferns and twigs painted.

Close up of ferns and twigs

I purchased some starfish at my local Michael's store. Then I painted them with chalk paint. No priming needed.
The chalk paint dries in about 30 minutes! Fast and easy. I got the chalk paint from a local store. You can also
Purchase it at your local Ace Hardware.

Plain starfish and chalk paint

Starfish painting complete!

Bright starfish painted with chalkpaint

I then hot glued the starfish to my wreath! Afterwards I put a simple layer of wax coating on the starfish so that
mold did not grow on them. (Mold grows everywhere here in Florida!) This wax lightened the color a bit.
Voilá! Starfish Wreath complete!
Note: The sea shells hanging from the starfish came that way from Michaels.

Starfish Wreath