Chalk Paint Bookshelf Solution
January 2016

We moved from northern NJ to northern Florida recently.
The bookshelves we had looked great in our old house, but did not look right once we got to the Sunshine State.

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The first thing I did was clean the bookshelves with Simple Green cleaner. This took a lot of the dust and dirt off but did not leave a film.

I painted the back of the bookshelves with a light blue chalk paint and covered the rest with an off white chalk paint. Chalk paint has minerals in it which allows you to paint right on top of the surface of your project without any priming. EZ PEEZEE. I used Amy Howard Chalk Based Paint that we purchased at Ace Hardware.

I was even able to paint the metal detailing with the chalk paint.

As you can see, the results were dramatic! The white instantly brightened up the room.

The final touch was sealing it in wax. I used Amy Howard's At Home Liming WAX from Ace Hardware.
This is Amy Howards video on how to apply the wax, which was fast and easy using a brush. (no rubbing in)
Wax Video

This was the final result. Eventually we replaced the TV stand to match the new bookcases.
We have never regretted changing up the furniture.

Project details:
The paint came in standard colors but we had this one mixed to a specific color to match our furniture.
The paint was a bit pricey ($35 for a small can) but one can went pretty far, and it saved me time and energy since we had little prep to do for it. The paint dried quickly. I got the project done in a day, and it was dry to the touch before company came after dinner. There is a bit of an odor, but dissipated as it dried.