Ugly Medicine Cabinet Cover Up Solution
February 2016

We purchased a house last summer and when we moved in, we noticed that the master bathroom's
medicine cabinet was missing. Sort of. The part that was in the wall was still there, but, the mirror had been removed. This was just plain ugly, and I got tired of looking at the can of shaving cream and mouthwash every day.

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March 2016

UGLY and
Close up of the ugly.

I found an image which I'd made years ago that solved my medicine cabinet mess. It only took the framed image (with a wood frame) and some sturdy new hinges!

We still get the use of the medicine cabinet, but no longer have to deal with having an ugly bathroom!

This was the final result. No one who has stepped into our bathroom even realizes it's a medicine cabinet!
Happy Happy!

Project details:

Existing wood framed art work, two heavy duty hinges. Voilá!